Chef/Gildas Périn/@Taipei
Taipei Michelin recommended

Gildas Périn

Chef Gildas Périn’s style of cooking is built upon his mastery of French cuisine fundamentals and his constant exploration of Taiwanese ingredients. By infusing a part of his Taiwanese soul into his love for French traditions, each flavorful dish he creates boldly expresses his unique take on Modern French cuisine. Chef Gildas Périn was fortunate to have met two mentors who imparted to him invaluable insight and experience. The first mentor was Chef Nicolas Sale of the Ritz Paris, whom Gildas Périn assisted in managing two restaurants (respectively two Michelin stars and one Michelin star). In 2017, Gildas Périn met his second mentor in six Michelin star Chef Yannick Alleno. Chef Yannick Alleno invited Gildas Périn to be his sous chef at STAY Taipei, and during this period, Chef Yannick Alleno ingrained in Gildas Périn the concept that great food comes from great ingredients.