JL Studio

Chef/Lim Tyan Yaw Jimmy/@Taichung

Lim Tyan Yaw Jimmy

Chef Jimmy A Singaporean falls in love with Taiwan’s land.By chancing upon a work opportunity years ago, Jimmy Lim came to Taiwan and immediately fell in love with this beautiful island. The rich and amazing agricultures, produces and people on this island have offered him new perspectives on his cooking and imaginations. For years working in the fine dining industry, he started to ponder about his roots and this wonderful place - how could he do something to incorporate these two loves of his? Thus JL Studio, a Modern Singaporean Cuisine restaurant is born. At JL Studio, Chef Jimmy serves the Modern Singaporean Cuisine, which is recomposed, rethought and reimagined. He hopes to share the wide spectrum of the flavors of Singapore and South East Asia and the extraordinary produces that Taiwan offers. His mission is to keep trying to elevate and innovate Singaporean Cuisine further.