Chef/Richie Lin/@Taipei
Michelin 1 star
Asia's 50 Best Restaurants No.18

Richie Lin

Growing up in Canada and working as a chef in Europe, Sydney and Hong Kong has broadened Chef Richie Lin’s scope on the world and assured his passion for the restaurant business. When presented with the opportunity to become Noma’s dessert chef by chef Rene Redzepi, Chef Richie Lin realized that he was already over 30 and didn’t want to be limited to desserts, so he turned to Nordic Food Lab and studied different food ingredients.

They insist that 90% of the food ingredients are sourced from Taiwan, and with their shared international experience they have made Mume not only famous in Taipei, but also well-known globally, ranking number 18 on the 2018 Asia’s 50 Best. It is another restaurant that has succeeded as a “local international” in Taiwan.